Toilet Germs Busted: Alarmed Soap Dispenser Shames You Into Washing Your Hands

Don't Wash Your Hands After Using The Bogs? Your Days Are Numbered

The world is divided into two types of people: the ones who wash their hands after going to the loo and the others, who don't, indicating they were clearly raised by wolves.

Well, germ hands, your days of jauntily walking out of the loos with dirty mitts are numbered.

A campaign from P&G Safeguard in the Philippines is now trialling the Germ Alarm - a soap dispenser and warning device that only turns off when guests wash their hands.

Safeguard state there are around 3 million disease-causing germs per square inch of public toilets, but not everyone bothers washing their hands after using the loo.


According to the American Society for Microbiology, 1 in 3 people don’t bother washing their hands after using public bathrooms. Their study found that women were generally more likely than men to wash their hands.

In order to deter toilet users from these mucky habits, Safeguard installed a special red soap dispenser that was connected to the doors of the stalls in several restrooms.

Pressure sensors detected whenever a door was unlocked and set off the alarm, along with a flashing light on the soap dispenser.

The alarm continued to sound until the button on the front was pressed, dispensing some soap in the process.

Watch the video below to see how guests responded to the campaign.