Lady Gaga artRAVE Tour: Singer Wears Her Weirdest Outfits Yet... And Strips Naked Onstage As She Kicks Off Her New Tour (PICS)

PICS: Gaga Kicks Off Latest Tour In Typical Bizarre Fashion

Lady Gaga kicked off her much-anticipated ‘artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball’ tour over the weekend (a show we can only presume she named on a day that her 'caps lock' was sticking), and we’re pleased to report her stage costumes more than lived up to the high standards she’s set across her career so far.

Gaga took to the stage in Florida in a whole range of weird and wonderful outfits and wigs, as she belted out her hits from ‘Just Dance’ all the way through to her most recent single ‘G.U.Y.’.

Lady Gaga delivers full glamour to her latest show

We’re happy to say Gaga brought full glamour this time around, compared with some of her more recent grungey fashion statements, including a phoenix-inspired outfit complete with a blunt, blonde wig reminiscent of her ‘The Fame’ era.

Meanwhile, in one of her… how can we say this?… more “unusual” outfits, she was seen wearing a wig made up of brightly coloured dreadlocks, which she matched with fluorescent furry boots. Not our favourite look, we don’t mind admitting, but we’re sure it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Lady Gaga in typically unusual attire

Our personal favourite of Gaga’s outlandish stage costumes came when she emerged onstage wearing an underwater-themed seafoam blue leotard, complete with bubbles and - the best bit - tentacles.

The star was really channeling Ursula the Sea-Witch from ‘The Little Mermaid’ as she made her way across the stage like a gorgeous all-singing, all-dancing octopus.

Lady Gaga, unfortunately didn't perform 'The Little Mermaid' number 'Poor Unfortunate Souls', but maybe she'll save that for later in the tour

However, in one of the show’s less Disney-friendly moments the singer stripped almost naked and did an entire costume change on stage, treating fans to a glimpse of her bum before throwing on another of her outlandish costumes.

A member of Team Gaga tries desperately not to stare at her bare bum

Lady Gaga will be bringing her ‘artRAVE’ tour to the UK in October, where she'll perform in venues around the country.

Lady Gaga's artRAVE Tour

Lady Gaga's artRAVE Tour

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