Google Maps Street View: 'World Under Water' Hack Shows How The Sea Levels Will Rise

'Street View' Hack Shows What Happens Once The Sea Levels Rise
World Under Water

Google Street View is not only the best way to look for Australians in awkward situations outdoors (ahem). It's also now one of the most compelling visualisations of the effects of climate change we've ever seen.

'World Under Water' is a new mod by Carbon Story, which uses data about the potential rise in sea levels to show what might happen once the ice caps melt.

The app lets you type in any address and get a sense of the watery hell you might have to endure if you live to see the end times come to pass.

In truth, though, it's more of a gimmick than a research tool. The site assumes each view is at the same elevation, and so can't be relied on as an accurate guide to the future.


World Under Water

Luckily many of the world's biggest cities are all at roughly the same level, and so the images of New York, London and Tokyo under water are probably not too far off.

It's a great little idea, though, and it's really fun. Well, looking at your own doomed abode might not be that chucklesome... but it's good to browse the houses of your enemies, and know that they too will be battling the cannibal gangs and sharks with the same moist despair as you.

Check it out at the website. We've copied in some of our favourite views in the slideshow above.


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