07/05/2014 09:54 BST | Updated 04/08/2014 10:59 BST

Minecraft Copy Of Denmark Invaded, Vandalised With American Flags

Denmark has been invaded.

In Minecraft.

A digital recreation of the country built from data provided by the Danish government has been attacked by cyber vandals.

The attackers in the block-building game have blown up areas of the map, destroyed buildings and planted American flags, the BBC reports.

The virtual country was built in order to help educate children, and bans were imposed on using TNT and other destructive tactics in the region of the game.

But the Danish Geodata Agency said that it had still attracted vandals.

Chris Hammeken, chief press officer at the Danish Geodata Agency, told the Beeb:

"Only a minor area was destroyed. The flags actually appeared right where the players start, so I think the people who put them there wanted to gain as much attention as possible."

"It was the players who cleaned up the damage, replacing it with green grass and peace signs the following morning”

Regardless of the attacks - which have since been fixed - the replica appears to have been a success. The model has been downloaded 220,000 times since the start of May, and has been a hit with kids.

"We've discovered children are more motivated to learn when they see something they're familiar with," said Hammeken.