07/05/2014 07:36 BST | Updated 07/05/2014 07:59 BST

White Supremacist Couple, Jeremy And Christine Moody, Grin As They're Sentenced For Murder

Jeremy Moody, left, talks to his wife, Christine Moody, right, while standing with their lawyers shortly before they were both sentenced to life in prison on Tuesday, May 6, 2014, in Union, S.C. Prosecutors said the couple killed Charles Parker in his home in July 2013 because he was a sex offender and his wife Gretchen Parker because she was there. (AP Photo/Jeffrey Collins)

A couple who murdered a registered sex offender and his wife showed no remorse as they were sentenced to life in prison this week, with one defiantly shouting: “That’s what child molesters get!”

Jeremy and Christine Moody had planned to kill multiple convicted pedophiles, but were caught after butchering Charles Parker, 59, and his wife Gretchen, 51, in Union, South Carolina.

"Killing that pedophile was the best day of my life," Christine Moody said of killing Parker.

Initially, the couple apologised to the judge and asked for a 30-year sentence so they could see their children and grow old together, New York Daily News.

But after the judge handed the pair the maximum punishment – stating they had no right to act as a judge and a jury – the couple shared a brief kiss and revealed their true colours.

“See you perverts later,” Jeremy Moody shouted at Parker’s family as he walked out of court. “That’s what child molesters get.”

The pair believed they had a divine assignment to kill all sex offenders, said psychologist Harold Morgan, who analysed Jeremy Moody.

On the day of the murder, the couple drove their car to Parker's house and popped the hood as if they were having car trouble.

When Parker came out to help, Jeremy Moody pulled a gun and ordered him inside, prosecutor Kevin Brackett said.

The couple then told Parker and his wife exactly why they were going to kill them, Brackett said.

Jeremy Moody, 31, shot the couple, then his 37-year-old wife stabbed them.

A surveillance camera on Parker’s land caught them leaving, and deputies recognized Jeremy Moody from the word “skinhead” tattooed on his neck and the “Made in America” tattoo on the side of his head.

Both were convicted of murder, kidnapping and first-degree burglary.