08/05/2014 11:30 BST | Updated 09/05/2014 08:59 BST

Speed Dating Matches Sperm Donors With Sperm Hunters

Most people who attend speed dating tick one of three boxes - looking for companionship, looking for fun, or looking for love. Rarely is a fourth box marked 'sperm' required.

But a new speed dating organisation has been launched to help those who are specifically looking for someone to have children with.

Dutch Sara Coster has set up a speed dating group for gay, lesbian and bisexual couples who want to have a baby with a single woman or man and want to raise the child together.


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Some may be uncomfortable with concept (named Meer Van Genwenst), on the grounds that the decision to have a child should not be something made at 'speed.' But Sara is convinced that members will have thought carefully before attending the events.

She also says that although the initial meeting between the pair will be swift, it is the contact they have after that is important. A pair will not have a child until months after their initial meeting.

The first speed dating baby in the world is due this summer.

What do you think - would you attend speed dating to look for a co-parent? Let us know in the comments.