67-Year-Old Sex Expert Credits Her Youthful Looks With Regular Sperm Facials

Snail slime, sheep's placenta and 'vampire' facials - we've heard it all in the name of beauty.

But even we draw the line at scooping up our partner's sperm and applying it to our faces for 15 minutes.

According to published author and sex expert Stella Ralfini, it's a very good anti-ageing treatment. "All you need is a lover," she says, and make sure you indulge in the practice every 10 days.

She claims to have gotten the idea from a "beautiful woman" she met in India 30 years ago, who shared her secret. Despite thinking it was strange, Stella tried the practice and says you'd never guess she's a woman "only a few years off 70".

Of course, if your "lover" eats junk food, you may want to give it a miss. It only works, says Stella, if your partner is someone who eats healthily and is clean.

So why sperm?

The Mirror reported her as saying: "Your lover's semen is the freshest cell therapy available on our planet. It's packed with recognised proteins and minerals that are known to reduce the aging process and the best part is, this beauty secret worth its weight in gold is free."

We'll pass, thanks.

But if you are considering it and you're single, why not give Britain's most prolific sperm donor a call?