11 Reasons You Know You're A Middlesex University Student

As a student attending Middlesex University, you are lucky enough to be in state-of-the-art facilities, so at least you're studying in a place which is aesthetically appealing. Unlike other universities' buildings that are usually old, £200m was invested into making the campus the modern and brand new place that it is today.

The university prides itself in the variety of nationalities that it hosts, making every student's experience that little bit different. The availability of food is crucial to any student and at Middlesex you are provided with endless options. Endless options of where to grab a Costa coffee that is.

We all know that no matter how much we could complain about the lack of seating, the heat in the library, the endless queues in Subway (all I want is a sandwich, is that so complicated?) we can call it our second home. As graduation looms over students year by year, you will realise that the friends you make and the memories experienced will stay with you forever.

However, part of that involves the funny -or not so funny- aspects of university life. Ranging from food to study, you begin to wonder if you really chose the right place to spend three years. Luckily, Middlesex University has several staff members that have come straight from the industry that can help provide an insight of what the real life world is like. But has anyone ever thought about the kind of insight you experience as a Middlesex University student? Well, here are 11 different ways.

Spring means you finally have something beautiful to Instagram at university.

11 Things That Make You A Middlesex University Student