‘EastEnders' Spoiler: Lauren And Peter Share A Kiss After Jake's Arrest For Lucy Beale's Murder (PICS)

Spoiler Alert! 'EastEnders' Pair Share A Kiss After Shock Arrest

‘EastEnders’ characters Lauren Branning and Peter Beale have been getting closer in the week’s following Lucy Beale’s murder and the pair are set to finally share a kiss in tonight’s episode (Tuesday 13 May).

After Jake’s shock arrest, the duo meet to console each other where they get a little too close and take their relationship out of the friend zone.

Peter and Lauren share a kiss

Peter and Lauren’s shared grief may not last long though, as both characters are possible suspects in the murder.

Though actor Ben, who plays Peter, is certain his character won’t be responsible, Lauren has been named as suspect number one on numerous occasions.

The duo aren’t the only Walford residents struggling to cope with the murder as Ian is also finding things tough and even sought comfort from his arch-enemy Phil Mitchell.

Producers are determined to keep the killer’s identity a secret until February 2015 and they are even planning to film 15 different endings to keep the cast guessing.

Watch all the action unfold in ‘EastEnders’ on Tuesday 13 May at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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