Brazilian Students Learn English By Video Chatting With Elderly Americans

Have you ever wanted to learn a new language? Let me guess, you've wanted to learn Italian or French: arguably some of the most 'sexy sounding' and fascinating languages. Well, spare a thought for those trying to learn English: one of the worlds’ top three languages.

That is exactly what Brazilian students in Liberdade set out to do. However, they didn't do this simply by attending English classes or writing in English. With the help of senior citizens at an American retirement home who were simply looking for new friends, a connection was established between the students and the retired individuals based in Chicago. A heartwarming video depicted the conversations that they had, not only did they share a language; they also had the chance to learn and understand emotional and cultural knowledge about each other.

The video forms part of the ‘Speaking Exchange’ project that was jointly launched by FCB Brasil and the CNA language school network. The discussion between the two takes place via a unique digital tool that has video chat technology enabled which brings the students face to face with Americans.

CNA English school maintain: “All students really want is to speak English fluently. And here at CNA English school we are always thinking of ways to improve learning, making it more real and human. So, we thought in a very special group of people: seniors living in retirement communities.”

As students just want to speak English and retirees just want a companion, what better way to make both things happen simultaneously?

CNA English school go on to say: “…a conversation exercise is also an act of solidarity and personal growth. It is an exchange in which everyone wins.”

Everyone does indeed win: the students learn English, the senior citizens find a friend, and you will most definitely smile after watching it.