international students

Plans to raise fees for EU students, remove vital financial support and make it far harder for us to apply to study would shut off our world class education sector from the world.
It is high time we stood up against the scaremongering on immigration by our current Government. The latest revelations about the inaccuracies surrounding the statistics on international students staying in the UK reveal just how far the public have been misled about the highly-charged issue of migration, a driving factor behind the Brexit vote.
On campuses across the UK this narrative continues to determine the experiences of international students. A Malaysian student who worked two part time jobs in Malaysia alongside studying to get his scholarship to come to the UK was met by a comment: "they're only here because they're loaded".
Earlier this year, The House of Lords passed an amendment to the Higher Education and Research Bill that would remove international students from net migration figures. True to form, the government quietly removed this amendment in a pre-election 'wash up' when the bill was sent back to the House of Commons.
Months before a big trip, you begin to imagine yourself in certain scenes and situations that might be encountered on your new journey. For lack of better insight, you collect your visions from movies, books, and stories told by your friends or family members...
Like more than 80% of academics and a substantial majority of young people who will be most affected by Brexit, I voted to remain in the European Union.
If the government wishes to boost local economies, create jobs, sustain our world class HE sector and build an outward-looking 'global Britain', they should work to strengthen its foundations.
There is a growing trend in world politics to treat human movement as a bargaining chip for political gain. Debates, such as the one recently in the Commons, often overlook the uncomfortable reality that we are discussing the futures of real individuals - over three million of them - who have contributed so much to our economy and culture. .. If we are going to get through these negotiations, it must be in the best interests of this country that we treat with respect the three million EU workers whose work here has benefited our country and helped make us the fifth largest economy in the world.
The current Home Secretary and her predecessor act as if international students are a drain on the British economy and British society. It has been argued that there were large numbers of international students who overstayed their visas and so contributed to the breach of their immigration target. Both these claims are false.