World Cup 2014: Fixtures, Groups And Schedule

The World Cup returns to Brazil for the first time since 1950 this summer. Here are the fixtures, kick off-times, group and qualifying schedules for the 20th finals...


Thursday, 12 June

Brazil vs Croatia, São Paulo, 9pm

Friday, 13 June

Mexico vs Cameroon, Natal, 5pm

Tuesday, 17 June

Brazil vs Mexico, Fortaleza, 8pm

Wednesday, 18 June

Cameroon vs Croatia, Manaus, 11pm

Monday, 23 June

Cameroon vs Brazil, Brasilia, 9pm

Croatia vs Mexico, Recife, 9pm


Friday, 13 June

Spain vs Holland, Salvador, 8pm

Chile vs Australia, Cuiaba, 11pm

Wednesday, 18 June

Australia vs Holland, Porto Alegre, 5pm

Spain vs Chile, Rio de Janeiro, 8pm

Monday, 23 June

Australia vs Spain, Curitiba, 5pm

Holland vs Chile, São Paulo, 5pm


Saturday, June 14

Colombia vs Greece, Belo Horizonte, 5pm

Sunday, 15 June

Ivory Coast vs Japan, Recife, 2am

Thursday, 19 June

Colombia vs Ivory Coast, Brasilia, 5pm

Japan vs Greece, Natal, 11pm

Tuesday, 24 June

Japan vs Colombia, Cuiaba, 9pm

Greece vs Ivory Coast, Fortaleza, 9pm


Saturday, 14 June

Uruguay vs Costa Rica, Fortaleza, 8pm

England vs Italy, Manaus, 11pm

Thursday, 19 June

Uruguay vs England, São Paulo, 8pm

Friday, 20 June

Italy vs Costa Rica, Recife, 5pm

Tuesday, 24 June

Italy vs Uruguay, Natal, 5pm

Costa Rica vs England, Belo Horizonte, 5pm


Sunday, 15 June

Switzerland vs Ecuador, Brasilia, 5pm

France vs Honduras, Porto Alegre, 8pm

Friday, 20 June

Switzerland vs France, Salvador, 8pm

Honduras vs Ecuador, Curitiba, 11pm

Wednesday, 24 June

Honduras vs Switzerland, Manaus, 9pm

Ecuador vs France, Rio de Janeiro, 9pm


Sunday, 15 June

Argentina vs Bosnia-Herzegovina, Rio de Janeiro, 11pm

Monday, 16 June

Iran vs Nigeria, Curitiba, 8pm

Saturday, 21 June

Argentina vs Iran, Belo Horizonte, 5pm

Nigeria vs Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cuiaba, 11pm

Wednesday, 25 June

Nigeria vs Argentina, Poro Alegre, 5pm

Bosnia-Herzegovina vs Iran, Salvador, 5pm


Monday, 16 June

Germany vs Portugal, Salvador, 5pm

Ghana vs USA, Natal, 11pm

Saturday, 21 June

Germany vs Ghana, Fortaleza, 8pm

Sunday, 22 June

USA vs Portugal, Manaus, 11pm

Thursday, 26 June

USA vs Germany, Recife, 5pm

Portugal vs Ghana, Brasilia, 5pm


Tuesday, 17 June

Belgium vs Algeria, Belo Horizonte, 5pm

Russia vs South Korea, Cuiaba, 11pm

Sunday, 22 June

Belgium vs Russia, Rio de Janeiro, 5pm

South Korea vs Algeria, Porto Alegre, 8pm

Thursday, 26 June

South Korea vs Belgium, São Paulo, 9pm

Algeria vs Russia, Curitiba, 9pm


Saturday, 28 June

MATCH 1: Winners in Group A vs Runners-Up in Group B, Belo Horizonte, 5pm

MATCH 2: Winners in Group C vs Runners-Up in Group D, Rio de Janeiro, 9pm

Sunday, 29 June

MATCH 3: Winners in Group B vs Runners-Up in Group A, Fortaleza, 5pm

MATCH 4: Winners in Group D vs Runners-Up in Group C, Recife, 9pm

Monday, 30 June

MATCH 5: Winners in Group E vs Runners-Up in Group F, Brasilia, 5pm

MATCH 6: Winners in Group G vs Runners-Up in Group H, Porto Alegre, 9pm

Tuesday, 1 July

MATCH 7: Winners in Group F vs Runners-Up in Group E, 5pm, São Paulo

MATCH 8: Winners in Group H vs Runners-Up in Group G, 9pm, Salvador


Friday, 4 July

QF 1: Winners in Match 5 vs Winners in Match 6, Rio de Janeiro, 5pm

QF 2: Winners in Match 1 vs Winners in Match 2, Fortaleza, 9pm

Saturday, 5 July

QF 3: Winners in Match 7 vs Winners in Match 8, Brasilia, 5pm

QF 4: Winners in Match 3 vs Winners in Match 4, Salvador, 9pm


Tuesday, 8 July

SF 1: Winners in QF 1 vs Winners in QF 3, Belo Horizonte, 9pm

Wednesday, 9 July

SF 2: Winners in QF 2 vs Winners in QF 4, São Paulo, 9pm


Saturday, 12 July

Losers in SF 1 vs Losers in SF 2, Brasilia, 9pm


Sunday, 13 July

Winners in SF 1 vs Winners in SF 2, 8pm, Rio de Janeiro


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