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The education secretary's blunder has enraged the internet.
Family say the wave of support has helped Jessie’s confidence.
The spirit and sportsmanship of women players offers real potential for sponsors and brands alike, all of which I hope will also filter down to more grassroots participation. The success of British women's sports teams and the increasing audience numbers is helping to attract attention and where audiences are, advertisers and sponsors will follow.
​Only in the world of football could a man go full cycle of turning from hero to villain, and then back to hero again in just under a 12-month period... Like so many things in life, football moves on, and it seems that on the evidence of the reaction to Palace's win over Chelsea, the game is willing to accept Allardyce once again.
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I tell you what, you've got to be a good side to wear pink haven't you? The nation of Scotland would have been pumped full
Women's sport receives just 0.4% of reported UK sponsorship deals. The FA Women's Super League's most valuable sponsorship deal - with Continental - is worth £450,000. To put that in perspective: Adidas sponsor Chelsea to the sum of £280million. This matters... Equal pay for equal play should be at the heart of all our national sports. It is time we give women and girls the message that they can play too. And on a level playing field.
I don't want my national manager to last a mere 67 days because he's too greedy to say no to the prospect of cash on the side and too dumb to keep it hidden. Football, underneath all these many ominous clouds is a beautiful thing. I just wish this game wouldn't work so hard to test my affection.
Dear Gareth. Could you make England play like Spurs please? Thanks. Before we wax lyrical about the Premier League to soften
It was August that I wrote a blog in support of Sam Allardyce's appointment as England manager. One can never guarantee success (this is the England football team after all) but the hope was that his approach to sports science and man management, coupled with the talent available just might push England to being competitive in a major tournament. This was not the ending that I had in mind.