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Great Office Moments From Film We Wished Happened In Real Life

Yuji Kotani via Getty Images

If you're an office worker a huge portion of your life will be spent within the four walls of your company building.

You'll get to know the beeps of the photocopier, the quickest route to the coffee machine, where to sit in the meeting room so you don't end up with neck strain from peering sideways at the projection screen and all the other extra knowledge tidbits which accumulate with familiarity.

It's incredibly useful stuff but we'll admit it's lacking a little in terms of excitement. Watching movies doesn't help with that feeling either. There are an implausible number of office romances, bust-ups and other shenanigans to spice up the days and not an earnings report conference call in sight (unless it's a vital plot device).

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Obviously not everything that happens in movie offices is for the best - we've seen sadness, arguments and explosions too - but it's the magical chocolate factories, the speedy promotions and the spectacularly supportive colleagues we love. Because we thought you'd love them too here at the upbeat and positive movie moment we wish would happen in real offices. Enjoy!