A bloodied man in a suit was seen being led away by emergency services on Marsham Street in central London.
While a super-secret London headquarters for the government’s spying agency may conjure up ideas of sleek modernity, built of glass and steel, the London headquarters of GCHQ has been revealed to be a boring red-brick office block. Opposite the St James Tube stop in Westminster, it might not be the most glamorous of all office spaces, but its nondescript exterior is probably exactly what you need to not draw attention to the organisation known as the UK’s listening post.
Sitting down for at least six hours a day could be causing nearly 70,000 deaths a year, new research warns. But what about those of us who work on computers all day? Here are some ways to change your daily routine and inject a little more movement in your 9-5.
Almost 70,000 deaths could've been prevented in 2016 if people moved more, according to new research.