14/12/2018 11:48 GMT

Christmas Jumper Day: Thought Your Sweater Was The Best? Look At These

Yes, that's a dog in a Christmas jumper.

It’s the one day of the wear you can wear an absolutely hideous jumper and get away with it, or at least not be alone – whether that jumper is gifted to you by your grandma or features a not-so-jolly Santa having a wee in the snow.

Let’s be honest, today’s the day you take note of what every single one of your colleagues is wearing, then point and laugh when you see a real cracker.

And Christmas Jumper Day does good, too. The festive campaign is run by Save The Children, so text JINGLE to 70050 to donate your £2 for the day. 

Here are just a few of the brilliant jumpers doing the rounds. And scroll down for our best round-ups of where to buys yours. Because it’s never too late in the day to channel Colin Firth.

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The Santa Suit

The DIY Jumper

The Floss Jumper

The Jumper And Pudding Hat Combo

The Doggo Jumper

The Crazy Cat Jumper

The ‘Home Alone’ Tribute

The Gin Lovin’ Jumper

The Non-Festive Jumper

The Sing-a-long Jumper

The Elf Jumper

The Ooh Eer Jumper

The Classic Santa Jumper

The Duo Jumper

The Newborn And Dog Combo