15 Things We Are Doing At Work (When We're Meant To Be Working)

So many cups of tea.

When five o’clock rolls around we feel like we’ve been slaving away over our computers for days.

But now a new study, by Rescue Plus Effervescent, has shown that the average Brit spends an average of three hours a day (84 days a year) doing no work.

How awkward for the people paying our salaries. If only they knew what we were actually spending our time doing...

1. Making endless cups of tea.

2. Looking in the bathroom mirror pondering all our life choices.

3. Complaining about the air conditioning.

4. Sharing photos of our new cat.

5. Talking about what we’re eating for lunch.

6. Gossiping on internal messenger.

7. Emailing pointless GIFs to the person sitting next to you.

8. Overhearing too many intimate details about your colleague’s personal life.

9. Sitting on the toilet, scrolling through Twitter.


10. Making another cup of tea.

11. Booking that doctors appointment.


12. Audibly moaning about how busy we are.

13. Singing happy birthday to co-workers just so we can eat their cake.


14. Attending meetings where we pretend to take notes but just think about how we’d rather be watching Netflix.

15. Doing as little work as humanly possible.

Can we go home yet?