11 Things You Only Know When You’ve Found Your Work BFF

They can't ever get a new job. EVER.

The only thing that gets us out of bed and into the office on a Monday morning is our work BFF.

The friend who gives us all the juicy gossip, sends the funniest email chains and microwaves their meals in sync with you at lunchtime.

In fact you’ve crossed so many professional boundaries, it should really be a matter for HR.

1. You Bond Over Your Mutual Dislike Of Everyone Else

2. You Actually Don’t Know What You’d Do If They Got A New Job

3. You Hang Out IRL

4. You Always Sit Next To Them In Meetings

5. You Have Coordinated Your Toilet Break Schedules

6. When You’re Split Into Different Training Groups You Refuse To Join In So Everyone Knows You Mean Business

7. You Constantly Gossip

8. In Fact You've Evolved To A New State Of Psychic Connection

9. When They Go On Holiday You Realise What Loneliness Feels Like

10. Everyone In The Office Knows You Are BFFs

11. And God Help Anyone Who Tries To Come Between You

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