Disabled Teen, Alexander Kostov, Uses Eyebrows To Play Minecraft Using Special Effect Switches

A UK-based charity has created a very special type of controller that has allowed a disabled 19-year-old to play computer games with his eyebrows.

Alexander Kostov has spinal muscular atrophy and previously used a combination of voice commands, eye control and a hand movement switch.

The eyebrow switches, developed by gaming charity Special Effect, enable him greater control while playing his favourite games such as Minecraft.

The team behind the control system said: "They had to be VERY carefully positioned and safely mounted, but Alex is a natural.

"He can flip his eyebrows quickly and independently, and within ten minutes of using the switches in Minecraft, he's clicking one to jump and then, while in the air, using the other to place a block under his feet.


Watch the video below to hear how his life has been changed...