Russian MP Oleg Nilov So Angry Over Eurovision He Had To Sing A Protest Song In Parliament (VIDEO)

It’s just a singing contest - and not a very good one - but Russian men are still stamping their feet over the result of the Eurovision Song Contest after Austria's Tom Neuwirth, stage name Conchita Wurst, delivered a winning turn wearing a skirt and a beard.

After the victory, the menfolk of Putin’s Russia took to Instagram and Twitter to express their displeasure by shaving off their beards.

Next was the Russian Orthodox Church, who decried Wurst’s victory as symptomatic of a global moral decline, adding that the performance was part of an agenda to “reinforce new cultural norms” and “yet one more step in the rejection of the Christian identity of European culture”.

However, on Tuesday a prominent MP went a step further by singing his own protest song in the Duma - a song that sinisterly included the line "black raven, why are you circling above my head?" Russian MP Oleg Nilov warbled his way through part of traditional folk ditty while his fellow politicians watched on in parliament.

We await Russia’s next outburst over Eurovision - angry flower arranging.