15 Things You'll Miss About Being A Student

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Being a student has its ups and downs and many may argue that there’s more to be said about the negative aspect of student life.

But spare a thought for those who graduate this summer, as for them these last few weeks are their last, free days before locking onto the dreaded nine to five.

The thought of having nothing to do after graduation (unless you’re lucky enough to have secured a job already), paying full price for everything, a lack of events to attend and so on can be quite disheartening. Students that will have finished university this summer may not even realise how much they will value their university experience in the years to follow.

As graduation dates approach current third year students quicker than they know it, there will definitely be things that you will miss doing, having, or being as a student.

As individuals, we may not want to admit to some of the things that we’ll miss as students. For example, although we would never confess such a thing to each other, we all know the library is really like our second home. After all, it might as well be called home considering the amount of time you’ve spent there tirelessly working.

However, collectively as students, there are various aspects that we will all yearn for in years to come.

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15 Things You'll Miss About Being A Student

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