Cat Saves Boy From Dog Attack: Hear The Dog Owner's Panicked 911 Call Here (AUDIO)

When the operator answers the call, the woman tells her: “Yes it’s an accident, my dog bit a kid right here next door.”

In the background, the child’s mother can be heard screaming: “Oh my god get him out of here!”

The injured child – Jeremy Triantafilo – can also be heard crying.

The operator asks if an ambulance is needed and the owner replies: “Yes” before explaining the dog escaped from her property as her son pulled out of her gated driveway.

Jeremy was riding his bicycle in Bakersfield, California, when the Labrador Chow cross raced up to him and began mauling him.

Jeremy Triantafilo received 10 stitches after the attack

While the four-year-old lay helpless on the ground, Tara the pet cat comes bounding into the frame and chases off the canine.

Jeremy, who is mildly autistic, needed 10 stitches for a deep leg wound, but rescue moggy Tara’s bravery undoubtedly spared him further injuries.

Jeremy and Tara share a kiss

On Thursday it emerged the dog’s owners had taken the animal straight to the Bakersfield Animal Care Centre, where it will remain for 10 days before being put down.

In a TV interview with ABC23, Jeremy, who is mildly autistic, told reporters: “I love Tara a whole lot.”

“She’s a hero,” he adds, before pointing out: “She has whiskers.”

Hero Cat Tara Saves Boy From Savage Dog Attack

Hero Cat Tara Saves Boy From Savage Dog Attack

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