Rita Ora And Cara Delevingne Mend Their Friendship After Model And Her 'Wifey' Are Photographed On Night Out In London (PICS)

Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne appear to have mended their friendship after they were photographed out together in London on Wednesday night.

The two were famously close in the past, but were rumoured to have fallen out after Cara joined Rita onstage for a fashion show performance where she danced clumsily and grabbed the mic from the singer.

Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne

Relations were reportedly frosty between the two for a long time, but it looks like they’ve built their bridges after being snapped heading out for a night on the town.

Rita and Cara in September last year

She’s also admitted that their previously close friendship, which saw them frequently tweeting one another and posting pictures together on Instagram, wasn’t for publicity, adding: “We weren’t trying to do it for other people - that wasn’t what it was. Sometimes you’ll know about us and sometimes you won’t.”

Rita and Cara in London on Wednesday night

Cara - who the singer used to refer to as 'wifey' - was pretty lucky to get Rita out of the house at all, as the notorious party-girl also opened up to the newspaper about the fact that the novelty of going out all the time is starting to wear thin.

"I go to things I want to go to, what I think is important and what I can have fun at. I have advisers but it’s my decision”

Rita’s latest single ‘I Will Never Let You Down’, produced by her boyfriend Calvin Harris, is currently on course to be the UK’s number one single this weekend.

She’s previously spoken about the rivalry she has with Calvin, admitting she would love to knock him from the top of the charts.

Rita Ora

Rita Ora

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