Gay Marriage Made God Angry And He Is Probably Making It Rain Insists Christian People's Alliance Leader

'Gay Marriage Made God Angry And He Is Probably Making It Rain'

It is not 100% certain that gay marriage caused the recent flooding in England but it is pretty likely, the leader of the Christian People's Alliance has explained.

Sid Cordle told Andrew Neil on the BBC's Daily Politics programme (video below) on Friday that God was angry that gay people could get married in Britain and there would be consequences. The programme's other guests laughed a lot.

"I think all Christians believe that God does, and can do, things with nature," he said. "A lot of Christians believe God is angry over gay marriage and God can show that anger."

Asked whether he agreed with Ukip councillor David Silvester that gay marriage made it rain and caused floods, Cordle said the only mistake Silvester had made was being quite so sure about the claim.

"Where councillor Silvester was wrong was to be adamant that this was the case," he said. "If he said this is possible ... I would certainly agree with that."

Neil asked: "If gay people could change the weather wouldn't that make them God's anointed people?" Somehow he managed to keep a straight face, unlike Guardian columnist Zoe Williams who spent much of the interview laughing her head off. Not that she can be blamed for that.

The Daily Telegraph's Sue Cameron and The Guardian's Zoe Williams found it funny. Because it was.

Cordle also said Ukip did not provide a "natural home" for Christians because there was an "issue of racism" in Nigel Farage's party.

"There are an enormous number of Christians who have left the Conservative Party over the issue of same sex marriage. Sadly too many of them have gone to Ukip.

"I don't believe the majority of people in this country want to live under Ukip government," he said. "I think they would be happy to live under a Christian People's Alliance government." HuffPost has yet to see polling data that would back up this claim. Neil seemed equally uncertain.

Cordle has let his views on the obvious connection between gay people and floods be known on Twitter. Including in a series of tweets where he criticised the "prominent gay" head of the Environment Agency. He told Neil he was being very clever to have dug up the Tweets and read them out on the TV.

The interview was so bad, we can only compare it to this...


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