Home-Made Wolverine Claws: Colin Furze's Amazing Attempt, And Five Less Successful Versions

Colin Furze is all over the internet today after building what he claims are the first fully automatic, retractable Wolverine claws.

Made with real stainless steel, the claws are certainly impressive. Each claw is 12-inches long and deploys at the touch of a button. They are also sharp - Furze shows in his video how he is able to slice a melon in half with his invention, and also (presumably) a zombie's head.

They're definitely capturing the internet's imagination - check them out above (though please don't copy them, you will almost certainly die).

However, Furze isn't the first person to attempt making Wolverine claws. Here are a few other tries which might be less realistic, but are all made with either love or deadly intent to main and kill small melons.

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