A man was arrested after authorities found the massive cache of weapons at a home in an upscale neighbourhood popular with celebrities.
Restrictions on the sale of sulphuric acid were introduced in 2015, yet up to 98% concentrated sulphuric acid can be bought on the internet, with no basic checks, so despite the restrictions, it is still possible to obtain it easily and cheaply.
I agree fully with Ban Ki Moon's message; there are many paths to disarmament but what we must all agree on is to do something, the world cannot afford another round of inaction. We need to work to eliminate all nuclear weapons and now is the time to do it; our very survival depends on it.
'We have a supply chain which goes from an Eastern European manufacturer to Islamic State in Iraq in less than two months.'
Islamic State fighters are illegally using guns and other weapons made in Eastern European factories, in a newly-discovered
We look at the eye-popping facts and figures behind the shadowy world of arms trafficking, from the unbelievable costs of
A gun that looks like a mobile phone - this is the latest creation from an American startup. The gun, dubbed Ideal Conceal