The Tories Just Unveiled The UK's First Laser Weapon – But People Aren't Exactly Impressed

"They will build literally anything aside from housing."
PM Rishi Sunak and defence secretary Grant Shapps
PM Rishi Sunak and defence secretary Grant Shapps
JAMIE LORRIMAN via Getty Images

The government promoted the UK’s first laser weapon on social media on Saturday – but it hasn’t exactly gone down well.

The weapon, named DragonFire according to defence secretary Grant Shapps, will enable the UK to shoot down drones “at the speed of light”.

Posting on social media, the cabinet minister said: “It will be a vital British weapon as the threat of drone warfare grows.

“DragonFire is just one of the potentially revolutionary capabilities we’re investing in to gain an advantage against our enemies.”

However, the flashy piece of equipment has come at a time when many people think the government’s focus should perhaps be elsewhere.

After all, the NHS is still flailing and the cost of living crisis is rumbling on.

Only earlier this month, junior doctors embarked on the longest strike in NHS history, and it was confirmed that inflation had shot up again.

The government was also slammed just last week for spending £240 million to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda – even though no refugees have actually been sent to the east African country yet.

It’s also less than a month since the Tories promoted a new “Brexit freedom” – being able to buy wine in pints – another policy announcement which left people very perplexed.

So, you can imagine how critics on X – formerly known as Twitter – responded to Shapps’ post...


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