Grant Shapps

The Queen was overheard criticising those who “talk but they don’t do”.
“We anticipate having it ready for the half-term and what a difference it will make for people."
Forty-seven destinations including South Africa will be removed.
Prime minister frustrated with negative headlines about closed petrol forecourts and empty supermarket shelves.
"Grant, you can stare at your notes as much as you like, you're not going to find the answers."
Only "red" list remains under shake-up that will also mean a cheaper, simpler system of testing.
Transport secretary Grant Shapps is expected to announce an overhaul of border controls on Friday.
Transport secretary Grant Shapps U-turns on rules imposed just three weeks ago
PM hints idea won’t go ahead - just hours after junior minister said it was possible
MPs furious at confusion and cost of extended traffic light system as Matt Warman talks of 'spectrum of countries'