Grant Shapps

The defence secretary admitted it was "impossible" to know when the first deportation flights will take off.
"Are you guys not going to take any responsibility for this?" Trevor Phillips asked defence secretary Grant Shapps.
Defence secretary and deputy prime minister filmed giggling as prime minister addressed parliament.
The Today programme presenter asked the defence secretary: "Have you not seen any of the coverage?"
The defence secretary said the UK had sent “intelligence personnel” to the region to help get them out.
The defence secretary said the Palestinian militants were targeting "innocent civilians".
Grant Shapps, Penny Mordaunt and Oliver Dowden are among those at risk.
The prime minister will announce he is axing the Birmingham to Manchester leg of the project later today.
"Does that mean Grant Shapps is wrong?" The Sky News presenter pushed.
The former transport secretary hinted that the next phase of the project will be scrapped.