Grant Shapps

The energy secretary channeled Leonardo DiCaprio to make his feelings clear.
Some British MPs are calling for the UK to follow Brussels' decision.
Despite the government's insistence that the UK is just following the example set by our European neighbours, there are several essential differences.
The business secretary spoke after the former PM launched her political comeback in a Sunday newspaper.
The controversial legislation aims to ensure there are minimum working standards during strike days across six sectors, including health and transport.
Rishi Sunak’s downbeat tone speaks to a Conservative Party devoid of optimism.
"I simply told the team he needs hair-brushing, not airbrushing."
The controversial legislation could see nurses sacked for taking part in industrial action.
The business secretary hit out as he unveiled a new law which could see staff sacked for taking part in industrial action.
The now-deleted tweet was meant to mark the UK's first ever attempted satellite launch – but it had a slightly different impact.