Grant Shapps Rinsed After Playing 'Dress Up' In Photoshoot With Police

"Kids grow out of this at 12," one person said.
Grant Shapps was rinsed on social media for sharing photos of himself in police gear
Grant Shapps was rinsed on social media for sharing photos of himself in police gear
Grant Shapps/Twitter

Grant Shapps has been torn apart on social media after dressing up in a police officer’s uniform during a visit to see a training facility this week.

The energy security and net zero secretary revealed on Twitter (also known as X) that he had joined the UK’s nuclear police at “Britain’s world class firearms training facility”.

He said he now knew that the force is “ready for anything” and “from stopping terrorists to protecting our most sensitive nuclear sites”.

Shapps uploaded four photos to Twitter as proof of his day out, showing how he was surrounded by armed officers while wearing protective gear with “police” emblazoned on his chest and joining the team with a range of tasks.

Although the cabinet minister used the hashtag #EnergySecurityInAction to explain why his job involved hanging out with police officers, this is typically a duty which falls to the home secretary.

Shapps had this role (one of the great office of state) for just six days at the end of Liz Truss’s time in Downing Street.

However, social media users were quick to joke that this photoshoot was Shapps’ attempt to put himself forward for the job again ahead of Rishi Sunak’s rumoured autumn reshuffle.

And a Tory source told POLITICO’s London Playbook: “I think this is what’s called an audition.”

Other people couldn’t help drawing comparisons with former PM Boris Johnson (who also had Shapps in his cabinet).

During his time in office, Johnson was known for regularly donning different outfits for various photo opportunities around the country, particularly during times of intense scrutiny (like the partygate scandal).

Shapps himself generated some unflattering headlines earlier this week when he tried to defend the government’s record on immigration and its decision to approve new North Sea oil and gas drilling licences.

The Conservatives have also faced backlash over the growing NHS waiting lists, which just hit a record high, and an unflattering poll suggested the party would secure only 90 parliamentary seats if a general election were held right now.

So, Twitter wasted no time in lambasting Shapps for “dressing up”...


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