home secretary

Earlier in the day she insisted there was “nothing untoward” about how she handled being caught speeding.
"This is the government knowingly putting people’s lives at risk for cheap political points.”
"Why on earth should my listeners believe a single word of this?" Nick Ferrari asked him.
One woman told them: "Go away. We don’t want you here.”
Yvette Cooper said it was further evidence of "appalling failures" in the police.
Qirjako Qirko called on MPs to end the discrimination against Albanians in the UK.
"The only way to put the national interest first under this prime minister is to embarrass him into doing the right thing."
"It doesn’t match the scale or urgency of the small boats crisis," Natalie Elphicke said.
The dire situation at a migrant processing centre in Kent has thrown a spotlight on the flaws in the UK's immigration system.