home secretary

Suella Braverman: "Suspects do have a right to a fair trial - and trial by media will only undermine our justice system."
Home secretary blames the 197 confirmed cases on people "not following the rules".
Home secretary says racial justice demonstrations amid Covid lockdown put pressure on police.
Sir Alex Allan has resigned after Boris Johnson overruled his findings that the home secretary breached the ministerial code.
Home secretary Priti Patel's proposal for a processing centre in the south Atlantic Ocean has been likened to creating a "modern day penal colony".
The only way to bring an end to dangerous crossings once and for all is to introduce safe and legal routes of entry to the UK, JCWI's Minnie Rahman writes.
The home secretary also said they think France is a "racist country".
Home secretary opts to have a war of words with Ben and Jerry's Twitter account.
Home secretary told to improve coordination with France to avoid dangerous situations, as record 235 migrants cross Channel in a single day.