England World Cup Fans Could Face Wild Caiman On The Streets Of Manaus!

In South Africa it was the horrendous sounding vuvuzela which unexpectedly took the world cup by storm.

After a curious incident in Manaus - where England will face Italy next month at the Arena Amazonia - inflatable caimans could become the craze.

These pictures show the remarkable moment a police officer caught a caiman which apparently fell from a car.*

A piece of green rope was lassoed around the animal's neck before it was shown off to bystanders and then tied to a tree.

The incident happened in the city's Aleixo district and the animal was taken to the Refugio de Vida Silvestre Sauim Castanheiras conservation area.

Naughty football fans should take note. If the police don't get you, the wildlife probably will!

*We have absolutely no idea why somebody had a caiman in their car.

Cayman in Brazil


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