Japan's Otsuka Wants To Put A Billboard On The Moon

Things are hotting up in the race to return to the Moon.

Earlier this week we learned that Russia is seriously working on a plan to annex our natural satellite -- or at least put a permanent base on its surface by 2030.

Now we learn that Japan has its own plans -- put a permanent can of fizzy drink on there instead.

Drinks maker Otsuka says it plans to send a 2.2-pound titanium can to the Moon containing a sachet of powder, which would theoretically turn into a tasty drink when combined with water.

The powder - named, unappealingly to English readers 'Pocari Sweat' - would be the first product sent to another world to promote sales on Earth.

The drink would form part of the first private mission to the Moon in 2015, which will not be manned. Instead it will take a series of instruments and private experiments to the Lunar surface in an effort to win Google's $20 million Lunar X Prize.