What A Party. Floor Collapses At Birmingham Students' House During Wild Rave

What A Party

A group of Birmingham students can probably safely say they're the city's hardest partyers after their floor collapsed during a house party.

Around 100 ravers managed to escape uninjured, in what paramedics say is a "miracle", when the floorboards caved and fell 8ft into the basement below last Saturday.

The crowd were merrily dancing the night away when they plummeted to the floor below.

Birmingham City University student Qadar Adde was DJing at the party and told the Birmingham Mail: "We were all dancing and then we felt the floor wobbling.

"All of a sudden, we heard a loud bang and we crashed through the floor.

"People started to panic and boys were climbing over girls to get out. It was scary, especially when the fire service told us it could have happened from the first floor.

"We were all really lucky. A huge piece of concrete fell off the wall and that could have seriously hurt someone."

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: "On arrival at the scene, approximately 100 people had managed to get themselves out of the house after part of the floor had collapsed into a vacant basement area.

"It is amazing, but we are thankful, that none of them had suffered any injuries in what had the potential to be a very different situation."

Paramedics said they believed damp was behind the collapse.


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