HappyPlayTime Masturbation App Rejected From Apple App Store. BOO!

Apple products can help you do a lot of things but apparently the tech giant draws the line at teaching you how to perfect the art of pleasuring yourself.

'HappyPlayTime', an app that seeks to help women reach majestic milestones in masturbation has been rejected from the app store.

Apple gave the excuse "the concept was not something that Apple wants to go forward with".

Designer, Tina Gong, wrote in a blog post:

"I knew I was taking a chance with building the game natively but I was optimistic, as our app was created with a mission and with the best of intentions.

"The reviewer herself sounded sympathetic, but it seemed like it wasn’t something she could control."

Gong is disappointed but still plans to go ahead with submitting an Android version.

She wrote: "I considered creating a petition to let us in [the app store], but as far as I know, Apple tends to be pretty steadfast in their choices to accept or reject something, even with a large supporter group.

"Ultimately, my feeling is that it would be a waste of energy to argue with them."

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