Wife Takes Revenge On 'Lying Cheating Scumbag' Husband With Poster Campaign (PICTURE)

People of Prestwich! Have you seen this love rat?

Yes, a wronged wife in the town near Manchester has exacted revenge by putting up posters headlined 'WARNING' - with a picture of her husband, his name, date of birth and phone number, along with details of his alleged extra-marital activities.

Locals have spotted the poster in a number of locations around the town on bus stops and lampposts, reports the Manchester Evening News. The victim of the poster campaign denied the ‘love rat’ claim when the paper contacted him - but declined to comment further.

“I think it’s hilarious. It serves him right if he’s left his wife like that, he shouldn’t just be allowed to get away with it," said local resident Carla Moore. “I doubt he’ll be happy about it, but so what? It’s the perfect revenge.”

But not everyone's a fan. “I saw others having a laugh at it so I came over to have a look but I don’t find it very funny," said Kimberley Preston. "I don’t know why you’d want to air your dirty linen in public."