'Magic Mike' Star Channing Tatum Admits He Is A 'High-Functioning Alcoholic'

'I'm Probably A High-Functioning Alcoholic'

Channing Tatum has confessed he is 'probably a high functioning alcoholic' in a revealing new interview with GQ magazine.

The 'Magic Mike' star says he earned the nickname 'Chanimal' as a child because of his wild streak - something that he admits he still has.

Channing Tatum

Speaking about his drinking habits, he told the magazine: ''There's probably a tendency to escape. I equate it to creativity, and I definitely equate it to having a good time.''

''I probably drink too much, you know,'' he continued. ''My wife, that's what she bought into... I'm probably a pretty high-functioning, I guess, you know, I would say, alcoholic, I guess.''

The actor met his wife, Jenna Dewan on the set of the 2006 dance film 'Step Up' and have been married for five years. They had daughter, Everly, in May last year, although the actor admits the couple didn't think about having a child 'all the way through'.

"We had sort of a crazy, harebrained idea to try and have a kid, and it happened the first time, basically. I don't think we thought it all the way through.''

However, the star - who is about to start filming the 'Magic Mike' sequel - says he and his wife were 'happy as hell' when Everly was born in London last year.

Earlier this month it was revealed that Zac Efron wanted to join Channing and the rest of the cast by stripping off in 'Magic Mike XXL', the sequel to the 2012 box office hit.

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