Tom Daley Birthday: We Celebrate The 'Splash!' Star's 20th With His 100 Sexiest Snaps (PICS)

Happy Birthday Tom! Let's Celebrate With His 100 Sexiest Snaps...

Let's not kid ourselves, Tom Daley might have had the skills but his teeny tiny trunks and washboard stomach played a rather large part in getting an awful lot of people very interested in watching him dive at the 2012 London Games.

And despite only turning 20-years-old today (happy brithday Tom!), he's already won an Olympic medal, bagged himself his own TV show with ITV's 'Splash!' and a boyfriend in the shape of Oscar-winning scriptwriter Dustin Lance Black.

Gawd knows what he'll manage to do achieve in the next two decades but while we ponder the possibilities, let's take a peek at his 100 sexiest snaps (so far)...


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