Women's Parking Spaces in South Korea Are Definitely Not Patronising

And now for the latest news from the world of staggeringly patronising things.

Yes. That stencilled drawing you're seeing is meant to be a woman - as in, specially wide and long women's parking spaces that are helpfully daubed in pink with female iconography, the latest thing in South Korea.

Thousands of the spaces, which are better-lit and closer to lifts and escalators, are being put in in Seoul.

An official said it was meant to "make things more comfortable" for women and was not a comment on their driving ability.

According to website, the city's Assistant Mayor for Women and Family Affairs, Cho Eun-hee said: "It is like adding a female touch to a universal design and make things more comfortable for women."

This is not the first time gender segregated parking spaces have been implemented.

In 2012, the German town of Triberg triggered a sexism row when it put in 12 parking spaces reserved for women in a 220-space car park, where the rest were "men only".

Mayor Gallus Strobel said "humourless people" had criticised the move but the response was "overwhelmingly positive," The Guardian reported.