Macaulay Culkin Walks Out Of Gig After Stage Invader Interrupts His Kazoo Solo During The Pizza Underground Manchester Show

Macaulay Culkin Booed Offstage During Pizza Underground Gig

It seems that Macaulay Culkin is taking his pizza-themed Lou Reed tribute band more seriously than we thought after storming off stage during a recent gig.

Macaulay, best known for his boyhood role in the ‘Home Alone’ series, announced last year that he had joined The Pizza Underground, a cover band who perform tracks by Velvet Underground with new lyrics that discuss - you guessed it - pizza, including ‘Take A Bite Of The Wild Slice’ and ‘I’m Waiting For The Delivery Man’.

Macaulay Culkin performs with The Pizza Underground

The group were performing live at Manchester Zoo on Friday night, when a stage invader quickly brought an end to the show.

After disturbing Macaulay during his kazoo solo, the former child-star stormed backstage, though the Manchester Evening News claim he later returned to finish the performance.

Just as well, really, we’ve always said there’s nothing worse than unfinished kazoo number.

Unfortunately, upon his return there was a rush towards the front, with several fans climbing onstage and forcing the group to end their gig early.

Macaulay Culkin

This isn’t the first time the band have had experienced trouble as they make their way around the UK, though.

When fans turned up to one of the band’s gigs in Nottingham they were obviously unimpressed, heckling the band and throwing pints of beer at the stage as they performed ‘It’s A Pizza Day’.

At first the star tried to laugh off the harsh treatment from the crowd, with the Nottingham Post claiming he joked: “Why are you throwing these? I’d rather drink them!”

However, when it became apparent they were showing no signs of being won over, Macaulay brought the show to a halt after just fifteen minutes, retreating backstage and not re-appearing for an encore.

When he's not re-writing glam rock classics, Macaulay can be found wearing t-shirts paying tribute to Ryan Gosling, after the 'Crazy Stupid Love' star was first snapped wearing a similar 'Home Alone' shirt.

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