ManKind's Domestic Violence Video Shows The Double Standards Between Male And Female Victims

What Would You Do If You Saw A Woman Attacking A Man?

From day one it's drummed into us that a man shouldn't hit a woman, and that a boy shouldn't hit a girl. But what happens if the tables are turned and, suddenly, the woman becomes the aggressor and the man turns into the victim?

It's an uncomfortable question. But, seeing as 40% of domestic violence victims in the UK are men - that's two in every five cases - it is necessary. And, sadly, it's seldom asked.

But male domestic violence charity ManKind is working tirelessly to change that. And their latest campaign video, which has received more than 3.6 million hits (and counting), is their secret weapon.

The video, which forms part of their #ViolenceIsViolence campaign, explores the stark differences between the way male and female victims of domestic violence are treated by society.

In the first part of the video a young couple (played by actors) are arguing in a public square in London. But when things get heated and the 'boyfriend' physically assaults the woman - by grabbing her violently by the face - many members of the public come to the rescue, threatening to call the police and reassuring the woman that she doesn't have to put up with physical violence.

But in the second part of the video, the gender roles are reversed. The argument gets heated, but this time it is the 'girlfriend' who grabs the man by the face. Revealingly, people look on (some openly laughing) but no one intervenes.

Mankind chairman Mark Brooks told HuffPost UK Lifestyle that, he'd wanted to make the video for a while, but recent events - namely Jay-Z and Solange and the infamous lift incident after the MET ball.

"The reaction to the Jay-Z and Solange lift incident exposed the stark double standards towards violence against men and women in society," he says. "After the attack, the question trending on social media was 'what did Jay-Z say to Solange?'. If it was the other way around and Jay-Z had attacked Solange, people would have been asking very different questions."

But why is there such a difference between the treatment of male and female domestic violence victims?

"Over the past 20 years there have been huge strides towards publicising the issue of domestic violence against women, but that isn't true of male victims," says Mark. "This is something we're seeking to address at ManKind."

For more information on the ManKind Initiative, visit their website.

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