Normal Things That Suddenly Become Super Stressful During Exam Periods

If you choose to carry on into higher education, the months of May and June are consumed by exams for approximately six years of your life.

So you would think that after a few years practise, students would adjust to life around their exams and deal with them in a calm and orderly fashion.

Far from it. As the stakes get higher, so do the stress levels. Suddenly, even the most ordinary aspects of everyday life become a struggle and you're crying because you can't find the Red Bull in Sainsbury's and the thought of asking a shop assistant is just too embarrassing.

You are not alone! Whilst some students thrive under the pressure of exams, the rest of us mere mortals malfunction socially, mentally and sometimes physically. But if you want to ace those essays then having a meltdown at every given opportunity probably isn't the right way to go. So here's seven normal things that suddenly become super stressful during exam period with a few handy tips to rectify them.