Manuel Uribe, Formerly World's Heaviest Man, Has Flatbed Truck Transport Body At Funeral (VIDEO AND PICTURES)

Ex-World's Heaviest Man Has Flatbed Truck Funeral (VIDEO) (PICTURES)

A man once officially recognised as the world's heaviest, who died on Monday aged 48, has been sent off in style - atop a flatbed truck.

The Guinness Book Of World Records declared Manuel Uribe to be the world's heaviest man in 2007 when he weighed 1,230 pounds but had slimmed down to 867 pounds before his death.

On Tuesday, he was transported to the Serorrey funeral home in Monterrey on the back of the truck and in the bed in which he had spent most of the last decade.

Manuel Uribe was transported to the funeral home on a flatbed truck

The crematorium's oven had to be turned higher than normal to cope with his body

Mortuary workers and Civil Protection members unloaded the box containing his body, which was cremated.

The oven reportedly had to be turned 60 degrees higher to cremate the body.

Preliminary reports say Uribe died due to an irregular heartbeat and an ailment linked to the loss of fluids in his legs.

A friend places a picture beside the urn with the ashes of Uribe

Uribe got married in 2008 and was transported to the wedding in his bed - decked out in white - atop a forklift.

Despite shedding 570 pounds from his weight before the ceremony, he still had to be carried by a crane onto his bed, to be taken to the altar.

Uribe on his wedding day...

...and, before, kissing his then-fiancee Claudia Solis


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