Stephen Fry Mistakes Himself For A Polish Builder: The Delightfully Silly Twitter Thing Of The Day

Twitter Mistakes Stephen Fry For A Polish Builder

As a wise nun once sang: let's start at the very beginning...

It all began with this very amusing Buzzfeed post:

Which led Twitter funny chap @MrNickHarvey (he of recent Ukip poster fame) to tweet this:

It was, as you can see, retweeted multiple times - but not everybody realised Harvey was joking:

Most incredibly, those who believed Harvey's tweet included Stephen Fry himself. No, really. He got wind of the picture due to people @-tweeting him about it, and replied to Harvey:

Until he realised...

The tweets went round Twitter like wildfire, leading to this:

Which, as Harvey pointed out, was crazy:

But then it was back to business as usual...


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