China's 'Jade Rabbit' Rover Is Still Alive. Just.

China's Moon exploring robot is still alive, state media has announced.

But only just.

The 'Jade Rabbit' rover, (and the Chang'e 3 probe that delivered it) landed on the Moon on December 14, 2013, becoming the first man-made object to make a soft landing there since 1976.

Seen as an important step towards China's plans for eventual manned exploration of the Lunar surface, at first it sent back useful science in its hunt for natural resources.

But technical problems soon rendered the rover apparently inoperable, thanks largely to the harsh Lunar nights that it has to endure.

Since then China has been working to salvage what it can from the expensive robot.

Li Bengzheng, deputy commander-in-chief of China's lunar programme, confirmed that the buggy's wheels are still not working, and said its solar panels no longer work, but confirmed it is still just about able to send back data to Earth via the Chang'e probe.

Sadly it's not got long, since its systems are deteriorating "with each lunar night" said Bengzheng.