The World's First 'Guybrator' Masturbation Toy Makes Playboy And Socks Redundant

Male Sex Toy 'Guybrator' Is Actually Quite Genius

During the history of male masturbation, we've heard about tissues, blow-up dolls, porn magazines, vacuum cleaners, socks, banana peel, apple pie and even a pot plant in the case of one man with tendonitis, all being commandeered to aid the cause.

Yet quite why no one has really thought of Pulse is baffling - effectively a vibrating sheath that can be slipped on like a glove (or a sock) around the penis, whether or not it is erect.

It's the invention of brand new company Hot Octopuss, founded by friends Julia Margo and Adam Lewis, as a response to a growing demand for male sex toys. It can also be used solo or a deux, depending on your preference.

Co-founder Adam said: “Taking the evolving attitudes of men towards masturbation into account, we wanted to move away from the phallic, crude and simplistic toys available for men in the past. For far too long has the sex toy market been all about women.

"The male market is very limited, leaving many guys no choice but to either steal their girlfriend’s toys or to attempt to fashion their own masturbation device out of everyday objects – we have all seen the movie American Pie. I wanted to create a toy that really worked and that for the first time, men could actually be proud to own. Feedback from both users and the industry has been phenomenal.”

Interestingly, it is also said to help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. The penis is placed inside the toy and the power plate does the rest. We're sure that this will be creating quite the buzz.

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