'My Granny The Escort' Documentary - Does Prostitution Suit Ladies Of A Certain Age?

The oldest profession in the world as traded by the older lady is under the spotlight in tonight's programme on Channel 4 ' My Granny the Escort'.

The three women in this show are many millions of miles away from the conventional granny figure we see on the posters - knitting, watching telly and talking about the old days.

Instead, Beverly, Sheila and Sophie are still working past retirement age, plying their trade both from hotel rooms and, sometimes, their own comfy settees.

Clients are of all ages, and each of the ladies has her own reasons - whether it's topping up the pension, dealing with the loneliness of a rural community, or providing companionship as a duty.

It's all above board, legal and as honest a way of making a living - so what's not to like? But as this thought-provoking film uncovers, there is a downside, as well as the almighty challenge of reconciling this chosen trade with normal family life - in particular, confounding relatives' expectations of what a mother and grandmother should really be doing with her time.

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'My Granny The Escort' is on Channel 4 tonight at 10pm. Watch the trailer above...