Team Sky's 2014 Tour De France 'Jaguar Dogma F8' Bike Is Just Incredible

Team Sky's 2014 Tour De France Bike Is Just Incredible

When you get a new bike, you're probably pleased if it has a shiny new set of gears, a more comfortable set of handlebars or a cool looking logo.

Team Sky has a little bit more to think about than that.

While it's still unsure about which humans will actually be riding the thing, it's finalised its new design for the 2014 Tour De France. And let's be clear, this thing is a beast.

The Pinarello Dogma F8 bicycle has been developed in collaboration with no less than Jaguar, and is said to bring a host of aerodynamic benefits on board. In fact it's a full 9% lighter thanks to a new type of carbon fibre from Toray, and features aerodynamics improvements of 6.4% based on adjustments to virtually every part of the frame - down to where the water bottle sits in its holder.

"Aero-led changes include aerofoil-shaped tubing optimised within UCI regulations, and a new aero seat post," Jaguar says.

"The Dogma F8's front forks have been developed to minimise drag and ensure seamless airflow on to the down tube. The rear derailleur wire/cable exits the frame at the back of the drop out, again to reduce turbulence. Three holes on the seat tube allow for a lower position for a second drink bottle, to further reduce drag."

The new bike gets its first outing at the Critérium du Dauphiné on 8 June, though rider Chris Froome is already using one for high-altitude training.

And if you want one off the peg? That'll be £12,000, sir.


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